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Diocese of Oakland Participates in “Virtual” Stations of the Cross: Overcoming Racism

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Schedule of Masses

Drive through Communion after each Mass

200 tickets are available for Sunday, 8:00am and 200 for Sunday, 10:00am Mass each week. Ticket needed to enter. Click [HERE] for tickets.
Tickets are available Mondays at 9:00 am until Saturday at 12:00 noon

To comply with the new mandate of the county on July 11 which says indoor worship services are temporarily prohibited.

The following is our new Mass schedule:

NEW MASS SCHEDULE (updated 08/04/20)

Monday- Friday
7:30am in the Garden- No livestream

8:00am in the Garden– No livestream
5:30pm Vigil – Livestream Only

8:00am (in the garden)- livestream
10:00am (in the garden)- livestream
12pm (Spanish) – Livestream Only

Drive through communion after each
Mass in front of the church.

Fridays 8am– 9am in the garden

Fridays 8am-9am in the garden
Saturdays 4:00pm – 5:00pm
or by appointment

Click here to sign up:


Fr. Thi Van Hoang
Parochial Administrator
925-432-6404 Ext. 11

Fr. Christopher Villa
Priest in Residence

Deacon Gustavo Escruceria

Grace Yvette Ripoli
Business Manager

Carmen Esquivel
Parish Secretary

Debora Lawson
Director of Faith Formation For Youth

Dina Russell
Director of Faith Formation For Youth

Aylin Gonzalez
Office/Faith Formation Assistant
(Spanish Speaking)

Welcome to the Family of the Good Shepherd!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a diverse Catholic community who welcomes all people to join us on their faith journey. As a member of the Diocese of Oakland, we are committed to know Christ and to make Him better known as our mission statement says: “One Flock, One Family, Living and Sharing the Love of Christ.”

In this site, you will find many ministries available at our Church. We invite you to let your grateful heart draw you to respond to God’s call, reaching out and serve those in need.


Fr. Thi Hoang
Parochial Administrator

Email Scam Alert!!


If you have recently received an email From: Fr Thi Hoang  ( which asked for ebay gift cards, please know that it is not my email. Please  be alert so we wont feed the scam. Thank you.

There will be No 8:00am Mass on Saturday, August 8


Instead we will have a Mass of Diaconate ordination at 8:30am in our garden. You need a ticket to attend this Mass. If you don’t have ta icket, you can attend the Mass online. The livestream link is available on our website.
Click on the link below for more information.

Click Here to Sign Up for Weekend Masses

Only 200 tickets available per mass.

Tickets are available Mondays at 9:00 am until Saturday at 12:00 noon

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Online Live Streaming Mass Schedule

Click the YouTube icon above or the link below:

While you are at YouTube, be sure to click the subscribe button for our channel.

Drive through Communion after Each Mass

200 tickets are available each week.  Ticket needed to enter. Click [HERE] for tickets

Announcements updated July 30

Monday to Friday Masses are held in the Garden at 7:30am. No livestream.

8:00am livestream
5:30pm Vigil – livestream

8:00am Ticket Required, in the garden, and livestream
10:00am Ticket Required, in the garden, and livestream
12pm Spanish – livestream. No 3pm Mass.

You still need to sign up [HERE] to go to 8:00am and 10:00am Masses 

Drive through Communion is available after each Mass in front of the church.

All First Holy Communion Masses and First Reconciliations scheduled for July are postponed until further

Baptisms/ Weddings/Quinceaneras/Funerals are still ON schedule. They will be held in the garden with 100
person limit.

The parish office is closed until further notice. Our staff are working from home via emails.



Las misas en inglés de lunes a viernes serán en el Jardín a las 7:30am. No habrá transmisión
virtual en vivo.

Las misas de fin de semana serán así:
Sábados en inglés: 8am en el jardín y 5:30pm la Vigila, Transmisión virtual en vivo

Domingos en inglés: 8 y 10 am en el jardín con transmisión virtual en vivo
Usted todavía necesita registrarse para ir a las misas de las 8am y 10am en el jardín en
nuestro sitio web.

En español: La Misa de las 3pm se mueve temporalmente a las 12m con transmisión
virtual en vivo. Comenzando con el próximo domingo 26 de julio hasta nueva orden.
Compartiremos la Sagrada Comunión después de la Misa en el frente del templo en sus

Todas las misas de la Primera Comunión y confesiones previstas para julio se posponen
hasta nuevo aviso.

Los bautismos, matrimonios y quinceañeras se seguirán haciendo en el jardín en los horarios

La oficina parroquial está cerrada hasta nuevo aviso. Nuestro personal está trabajando
desde casa a través de correos electrónicos.

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